Family Halloween Downtown Madison

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Get the kid’s costumes out, it’s trick-or-treat time Downtown Madison! This year’s Downtown Madison Family Halloween will be held on Wednesday, October 26, 2016, from 3pm to 6pm. There will be many little ghouls and goblins lining the sidewalks so safety is always important. To help make the experience safe and fun for all, please remember some basic Halloween Driving Tips found on this link.

Fun Activities!

Like previous years, there will be a variety of activities for children to participate in. Many of the downtown business offer something fun for each trick-or-treater. There will also be a magic show in the Rotunda, rides around the Capitol Square from Madison Parks Hay Rides, crafts for children and much more!

Check out Downtown Madison family Halloween website for more information and a complete lineup of activities.

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Wilde East Towne Honda Safety Event was a Success!

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We would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time to make Wilde East Towne Honda Safety Event successful! We couldn’t have do it without our volunteers.

About the Safety Week

During the week of October 3rd to the 8th, Wilde East Towne Honda hosted Operation Kidsafe Regional Child Safety Days. This weeklong program promoted and educated families about child safety. We offered a bio-document with fingerprints and a photograph of each child at no cost to every family. Safe and secure – no database or records of the child were maintained.

As part of the Child Safety Days program, we also hosted a Safety Celebration Event with free food, prizes, and games. At the event, parents and children enjoyed safety demonstrations, face painting, Zoozort, bouncy house, and exciting prizes! We would also like to thank the representatives from the local area police that joined in on our Safety Event.

Please check out our Facebook page for pictures of this family fun event!


Halloween Driving Tips

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Halloween is an exciting time for many. You get to dress up in a costume, eat lots of candy, and go to haunted houses that are age appropriate. With all the excitement, sometimes people, especially young ones, forget basic road safety. To help everyone be safe this Halloween, we found a few tips for pedestrians and drivers to remember while they are out having fun.


Most trick-or-treating takes place in residential neighborhoods. Children can cross the street anywhere, and most young pedestrian accidents happen at spots other than intersections. As a driver, slow down and obey all traffic signs and signals. Be cautious and give yourself a little extra time to react to children who may dart into the street. It’s a good idea to turn your headlights on, even during the day to help make your vehicle more visible. If trick-or-treating runs into the evening, be extra cautious, costumes may be darker colors and more difficult to see at night.


Children are little balls of energy, and can dash away in a second. Parents can help children stay safe by teaching them basic safety practices, including how to cross the street correctly. Practice makes perfect, it’s a great idea to practice any safety basics to help remind young ones how to stay safe. Parents can also give children flashlights, glow sticks, or place reflective tape on their child’s costumes so drivers can see them. Remember, an adult should always supervise children under the age of 12.

Looking for more safety tips this Halloween? has helpful tips for every age group.

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Operation Kidsafe Regional Child Safety Days hosted by Wilde East Towne Honda

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MADISON, WI.  Local area dealership, Wilde East Towne Honda is hosting a FREE Child Safety Days event on October 3 – 8, 2016 at 5555 High Crossing Blvd, Madison.  This weeklong special program is designed to promote and educate families about child safety and fingerprint and photograph children at no cost.  Safe and secure – no database or records of the child will be maintained.

As part of this Child Safety Days program, Wilde East Towne Honda is hosting a special Safety Celebration event on Saturday, Oct. 8. Parents and kids will enjoy safety demonstrations, family games, exciting prizes and representatives from the local area police and firefighters, along with the safe and secure digital fingerprinting and photograph of their child.  Join the fun and learn more about keeping our children safe.

Each child will receive a FREE Child Safety Kit, including a lifetime Safety Bio Document for their child with photo and digital fingerprints.  No database or records of children is maintained.  Safety tips will help you set up a family safety action plan.

Dates:  October 3 – 8, 2016

KidSafe Weekday Hours:  Mon-Fri, October 3 – 7: 10am – 7pm

Safety Celebration Event: Saturday, October 8: 10am – 4pm

Location:  Wilde East Towne Honda, 5555 High Crossing Blvd, Madison, WI 53718

Research indicates that over 2,000 children are reported missing every day in the US.  This free digital fingerprinting and photo safety program by Operation KidSafe will capture the child’s picture and fingerprints using digital video capture device and specialized software.

Safe and secure… no database or records of children are maintained. The only record of the visit will go home with the parent for safe keeping.  Operation KidSafe captures the child’s picture and fingerprints using a digital video capture device, digital ink-less fingerprint capture device, and specialized software. The captured data is assembled and a quality 8 1/2” x 11” printout is given to the parent. The parent can use the printout they receive to provide to law enforcement anywhere in the world to instantly aid in an investigation.

As a special service to the community, Wilde East Towne Honda is underwriting this program so that there is no charge to families.

About Wilde Automotive Group

The Wilde Automotive Group is a family-owned and operated business founded by Harold L. Wilde. His automotive career began in 1945 in Michigan where he opened a two-man used vehicle sales operation.  Today, the Wilde Automotive Group has grown to include 12 dealerships in Wisconsin and Florida with more than 700 employees. Harold Wilde’s legacy is continued under the leadership of his wife, Mary Ann, CEO, his son, Mark, president, Pat Donahue, vice president, Sharon Bloom, CFO, Jorge Hidalgo, principal partner-Wilde East Towne Honda, and Harold’s daughter Tracie Pierce, Director of Marketing.


National Child Passenger Safety Week

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We are gearing up for our Safety Event on October 8, 2016, by highlighting National Child Passenger Safety Week. National Child Passenger Safety Week officially runs from September 18th to the 24th. Recognized nationally, the week is to teach families how to transport children correctly. Child safety is an everyday event, especially in Madison. The City of Madison has many programs and events that support child passenger safety. 

Safe Kids Madison Area

Safe Kids Madison Area is one of the most recognized child safety programs in Dane County. The mission of the Safe Kids Madison Area is to prevent unintentional childhood injuries, the leading cause of death and disability among children ages 1 to 14. They also specialize in educating families, provide safety devices to families in need, and advocate for better laws to help keep children safe, healthy and out of the emergency room ( One of their programs is on Car Seat safety. Every month Safe Kids Madison Area offers Car Seat Checks at local fire stations and police departments. You can check out a list of upcoming Car Seat Checks by clicking HERE. You must make an appointment before attending any Car Seat Check events through Safe Kids Madison Area.

Conveniently located across from Wilde East Towne Honda, Madison Fire Department #11 offers a Car Seat Check event once a month. Their next event is September 27th. Please make an appointment on under the desired Car Seat Check Event you would like to attend.

Online Guides

You can also find online help from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for finding the right car seat, located on the homepage at in the NHTSA Consumer Resources area. Also, the City of Madison Fire Department offers a four-step progression on their website under Your Safety.

For a fast guide, below is a simple guide on finding the correct child seat.


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Do You Need a Wheel Alignment?

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Getting a wheel alignment on your vehicle is one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks that you can do for your car. Poor alignment can cause uneven tire wear which can reduce the lifespan of your tires, cause blowouts on the road, or it can cause damage to your suspension system. Signs that your car is out of alignment include drifting to one side, unevenly worn tires, or a vibrating steering wheel.

Bad roads are often the culprit for wheels becoming out of alignment. It’s a good practice to get your alignment checked once every 6 months to a year. Our Service Department at Wilde East Towne Honda can quickly check your alignment and give you honest recommendations. If you are unsure if your car needs an alignment, please give us a call at 608-268-6131 or stop into our Service Center.

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Back to School Driving Safety Tips

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Summer is coming to an end and going back to school is on the mind. Soon we will be seeing more school buses and children with backpacks filled with books and supplies. Sometimes, as adults, we forget basic road safety procedures around buses and school zones. According to, 30% of pedestrians and occasionally a bicyclist, are injured in school bus related accidents. Though rare in Wisconsin, children, usually age 5-7, are struck by a bus or by an illegally passing motor vehicle while a child is boarding or de-boarding a bus.

As parents and their children get back into the swing of school, it’s important to keep traffic safety in mind. Children should be taught school bus safety and road safety procedures. Drivers should be more vigilant and cautious when buses or children are around. Other safety tips for drivers include:

  • No texting while driving.
  • Yield and stop to school buses. If a bus has a flashing, alternating red light, you are legally required to stop and wait for the light to turn off. Drivers must stop 20 feet or more from any school bus with flashing red warning lights.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Plan extra travel time through school zones.

Please visit this provided PDF by for detailed ways on safely sharing the road with school buses, child pedestrians, and child bicyclists.

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Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

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Nearly every 46 seconds a vehicle is stolen nationwide. Almost half of the vehicles are never recovered, according to NHTSA. Most of us don’t think about car theft prevention until it’s too late. Creating good prevention habits can help deter a vehicle theft or a burglary. We found some tips that could prevent your car from becoming a target.

Key prevention tips include keeping valuables out of plain view, storing items under seats, in covered cubbies or in the trunk. Taking your valuables with you is always the best option. Awareness of your surroundings is another key prevention tip. Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle and quickly scan your vehicle before entering. Also, be aware of any activity near your vehicle or if you are being followed and lock your doors once inside. Always park in a well-lit area and near main entrances.

Antitheft systems and devices can be installed in your car that make vehicles more difficult to steal or easier to trace and recover. Horn alarms, steering wheel locks, theft-deterrent decals, flashing lights and window etching are some of the audible and visible ways that deter thieves. Immobilizing type devices disable your vehicle so thieves are unable to hot-wire your vehicle or disable the flow of electricity or fuel to the engine. Our dealership offers VIN etching, a permanent engraving of a vehicle’s federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) onto its windshield and windows.

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What to Do After an Auto Accident

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Auto accidents happen, even if you are careful. That moment of shock, adrenaline rush or even anger can make anyone not think clearly. Taking a deep breath can help clear your mind, and help you focus on the steps following an accident. Below, we’ve highlighted a few steps that could help you after an auto accident.

Stay at the scene of the auto accident. It’s very important to stay at the scene of the accident, if it’s not serious, move your car to a safe nearby location, careful of staying on scene. Turn your hazard lights on and use cones, if available. Stay calm and check for injuries, call an ambulance when in doubt. Next, you’ll want to call the police, even if the accident is minor. They’ll let you know if an officer needs to be present. Call our Service Department, and we will get a tow truck to your location in a timely manner.

Exchange insurance information. You’ll want to have your auto insurance information in an easy to find location for instances like this. Exchange driver’s license numbers, vehicle registration, license plate number and state, and insurance information. You’ll also want to exchange names, phone numbers, addresses and email address of all occupants and witnesses. Do not provide your social security number. Call your insurance agent immediately. *Tip, an easy way to exchange insurance information is to use a cell phone and take a picture of the other driver’s insurance card.

Document the accident. Write down as much information as you can – year, make, model, color or the other cars involved. Take note of the weather and road conditions. Taking photos of the accident including the scene, cars involved, damage, roads, traffic signs, and the direction each vehicle was traveling. According to, some car insurance companies offer free smartphone apps to their customers to help document the details and scene of a crash. continues to say, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners offers WreckCheck, a free app that records the time of the accident, lets you create written and audio details, and emails everything to you and your agent.

Don’t accept or place blame. According to American Family Insurance, don’t blame the other driver or admit fault, say “I’m sorry” instead. You should only speak to the other driver to get their information and to make sure they’re OK. Only talk to the police and your insurance company.

Once all information is exchanged, the accident was documented and your vehicle towed to the repair shop, take another breath and stay calm. The best thing you can do is to keep a clear mind through the whole process. Your insurance agency and repair shop will work with you the rest of the way.

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2016 Honda Civic and Pilot Named Top 10 Family Cars

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Exciting news! The 2016 Honda Civic and 2016 Honda Pilot have been named one of the top ten family cars by and Parents magazine. Because every family is unique, and Parents magazine narrowed down the selection to ten categories and chose the best for each category. We are excited that the 2016 Honda Civic made Best Compact Sedan and the 2016 Honda Pilot made the Best SUV.

The newly redesigned 2016 Honda Civic has redefined the meaning of compact sedan. Small families love its spacious interior and compact design that can get in and out of tight places. Every trim level feels sporty and fun to drive. Advanced safety features such as ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) Body Structure, Multi-Angle Rearview Camera, and available Honda Sensing are just icing on the cake when it comes to safety. Honda builds their vehicles with families in mind and makes sure all safety features are top-of-the-line. Check out our 2016 Honda Civic’s in stock today!

Another redesign, the 2016 Honda Pilot has the capability of hauling around a large family while still looking stylish. With seating for up to eight, there is plenty of space for the entire family. Need more space? Fold down all the seats behind the two front seats creating up to 109 cubic feet of cargo volume! Family friendly features include Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control, multiple auxiliary jacks and charging ports, available panoramic rear passenger views, and available 9-inch RES (Rear Entertainment System) with DVD and Blu-Ray capability. Honda’s safety priority gives the Pilot a step up on competition. Paired with multiple safety features, such as ACE Body Structure, advanced airbags, brake assist and the available Honda Sensing package, the Pilot is ready to protect your family. View our 2016 Honda Pilot inventory now!

To see more category winners check out family vehicles.

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