Hidden Treasure in the latest Honda Civic’s Center Console

Owners of the tenth-generation Honda Civic may be in for a special surprise concealed within their car’s center console.

On the underside of the 2016 and 2017 Civic’s rubber spill mat, Honda automakers have inserted detailed sketches of automobiles and jets as hidden features. The images commemorate some of the most significant chapters of Honda’s racing and engineering background.

Honda Commitment

Honda prides itself on its history of applying the technology developed in motorsports, to its vehicles on the roads today. According to Honda Racing, the company believes motorsports practice is the ‘springboard for technological advancement.’

From that commitment to racing come four types of sketches hidden in the center consoles of the more than 450,000 tenth-generation Civic’s sold to date. Each sketch features a unique combination of a race car, motorcycle, and jet, each of Honda distinction. You can find pictures of the four distinctive sketches by following this link to caranddriver.com.

Word has it that certain owners of the all-new Honda Ridgeline may have some hidden treasures concealed somewhere within their vehicle, as well.

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