New Civic Type-R Concept Revealed

Civic Type-R Concept

We’ve slowly been building up to this announcement. We knew that a VTEC Turbo Engine was definitely in the works of becoming standard on new civic models, but we didn’t expect them to be bringing the Type-R to the United States. On top of that announcement, they noted that they will also have a hatchback model available.

AutoGuide had a roundtable with American Honda Motor Co. Executive Vice President John Mendel where he said that the Civic Type R won’t be a 2016 model. Instead, it’s more likely to be 2017 or even a 2018 model year car, meaning it’s at least two years out. It’s not surprising. The next Civic will be an all-new global Civic, made and sold all over the world. The turbocharged Type R specifically will be built in England and imported here. Mendel said that will undoubtedly affect the price of the Type R, but he hopes to sell at least a few thousand a month. Considering the Type R’s fairly limited appeal, that’s probably about the best they can do, but we’re extremely happy to be getting it at all.

This thing looks sleek and sexy, but very sporty as well. We can only guess at what kind of performance the new Type-R will have at this point, but I would be willing to wager a large sum that it will not leave customers disappointed.


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