The weather is warming, the sun is shining brighter, and you are ready for those hot summer days … is your car?

There are a few car care items you’ll want to check in heading into the summer season. After all, you don’t want your big summer plans to fall through because of car trouble. As always, come by our service center at Wilde East Towne Honda to have our certified technicians have a look!

The Checklist

1. Coolant – Perhaps most importantly, make sure your coolant fluid levels are where they need to be. With the heart of the summer approaching fast, the extreme heat will challenge your vehicle’s cooling system. Make sure your car is prepared – top off fluid levels and have a technician closely inspect the rest of the coolant system for potential leaks and other weaknesses. Check up on other fluids as well – oil, brake, and washer fluids.

2. Tires – Improper tire pressures are a year-round issue, but the result can be much more punishing in summer weather. Consult your vehicle’s manual to find the proper inflation level for your tires. In addition to the tires themselves, be sure to check tire treads for damage or wear. On days with extreme heat, limit your amount of driving, as the hot pavement causes quicker damage and wear when in direct contact with tires on the road.

3. Shading – When possible, limit your vehicle’s direct contact with the sun by parking in shaded areas. The sun’s hot rays can deteriorate a car’s paint. Prolonged exposure can also cause strain on other parts of the car.

4. Cleaning – In general, a thorough post-spring cleaning will help keep your car running smoothly. Remove that winter and spring gunk that tends to get caught in the corners. Keep your vehicle running A++ by cleaning it right at summer’s start.

5. Other – On top of all these checks, be sure to inspect wiper blades, air filter, and exterior surfaces. Is exterior metal equipped with rust preventative? Is your air filter clogged or in need of replacement?

If any of these summer car care items have not been taken care of, your certified technicians at Wilde East Town Honda can help!

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Photo credit: Karlis Dambrans, Honda CR-V 2007 097 via Flickr Attribution 2.0 (CC BY 2.0)