What Does TPMS Mean?

Technology is forever advancing and so are our vehicles. Every Honda is engineered to incorporate the latest technology to help make your life safer and easier.

We know that safety is always a priority, that is why every Honda has the latest safety technology. One of the most simple, yet intimidating safety feature is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The TPMS was designed to continuously monitor air pressure Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) in each tire through sensors located in the tire. The warning lamp icon standard on all Honda’s can show up as TPMS or a picture that looks like a flat tire with an exclamation mark down the middle. This warning lamp icon can show up at any time, making it unexpected and intimidating.

If the warning lamp icon appears, don’t panic. The light just wants you to check the tire pressure to ensure the tires have the proper amount of air. You can find the correct amount of PSI your tires need in your owner’s manual. If you still are unsure, stop by or Service Center where our Service Advisers can help determine and fix the cause of the light staying on.

There are many reasons why the TPMS light will turn on. The reasons can range from having a small leak in the tire to drastic weather change. Winter is the most common time for the TPMS light to turn on. This is because the cold air causes the air inside your tire to contract, lowering the pressure. Sometimes you’ll notice the light will turn off after you have driven and warmed up your tires. This is normal, but should still be looked at. Oftentimes you can keep the light off by increasing the amount of PSI in your tires. Our friendly Service Advisers can help determine how much PSI your tires need and help keep that TPMS light off. Other reasons the TPMS light will turn on include, tires being rotated and not reset, tire pressure in one or more tires have been adjusted or one or more tires have been replaced.

It’s very important not to reset your TPMS light if you have not fixed the problem. TPMS is there as a reminder. If the problem was not fixed this could lead to greater problems not far down the line. To prevent problems, stop by our Service Center or make an appointment to get your tires PSI checked this winter.

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