Winter Driving in Wisconsin

Winter Driving in Wisconsin

Living in Wisconsin, you can expect to experience all four season to the fullest, especially winter. Winter brings along some of the coldest months in Wisconsin paired with snow and ice. On those snowy days, it’s best to just sit home and stay warm, but with our busy schedules, sometimes that’s not possible. Before you head out onto the snow covered roads, make sure you and your car are well prepared.

Car Preparation

With snow already falling hopefully you’ve already winterized your car with our Service Department at Wilde East Towne Honda. If not, we have some tips on how to get your car winter ready. Once your car has been winterized, make sure you have your car properly stocked for any situation. Some basic items should include an ice scraper, snow shovel, jumper cables, blankets, flashlight and warning devices like markers and flares. Other items would include a spare cell phone charger, water, food and any necessary medicine in case of emergency.

Road Safety

Once your car is packed and ready, it’s time to get on the road. Depending on the road conditions, you should adjust your arrival time accordingly. If there is snow on your car, use your snow brush or ice scraper to clear your entire car. When driving, leave plenty of room for stopping and give yourself time when accelerating. Also, drive the speed that road conditions allow. If you start to slide, remember not to panic, let up off the gas but don’t slam on your brakes, steer your car in the direction you want to go, and wait for your car to slow down to regain control.

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